consumable and washroom supplies

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The London Ethical have sourced a wide range of consumable products that you will need to keep everything running smoothly in your workplace and washrooms.


Toilet paper, paper towels, soap, air freshener, hand sanitizer, PPE, bin liners, waste sacks and much more. We have a range of each of these with green and sustainable options for most.


We deliver to your door, and our cleaners can advise us of your stock levels to make sure you never run out of anything.


We can do a site audit to identify what you need, where savings can be made, and where more sustainable options are available.


Get in touch today to let us know how we can help you.


The London Ethical is all about improving the quality of the service you receive by improving the pay and conditions of our workforce.


Happy cleaners = Better cleaning


There are so many things you need to keep an eye on to make sure your workplace can function smoothly. Let us help you out with that. We can provide you with a whole host of the items you'll regularly need, such as loo roll, paper towels, hand soaps, waste sacks, bin liners, dishwasher supplies and more. If you are an office manager or responsible for purchasing, get in touch for more information on our ranges.

We will soon be introducing a range of cleaning kits to give you or your cleaner everything you’ll need for the day to day cleaning of your home or office - however big or small. If you want to be kept informed and be the first to know when they're ready, click here.


Keep up to date with our blog page for ethical cleaning tips and tricks - if you like you can subscribe and from time to time we will send you special offers, updates and news.