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What's with the Ethical?

The recent global pandemic has highlighted that some of the hardest working people are also some of those with the lowest pay, and poor working conditions. We're doing our bit to set that right. From ensuring our cleaners are paid at the Living Wage Foundation's recommended wage or above, to checking our supply chain and partners to make sure they work to the same principals as us. We're doing our part to make London's workforce better.

What's the smallest job we can take on, and the biggest?

We cover everything from the once a week communal area clean to full time cleaning teams. Get in touch for a free quotation

How can I pay for your services?

We can take payment in a number of ways - Credit / Debit cards, Bank Transfers or even PayPal. We provide credit terms and monthly invoicing for commercial contracts.

What area do you cover?

For the moment, we cover everything in the Greater London area with our commercial cleaning, but our window cleaners operate across the whole of the South East of England.