graffiti and gum removal

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Not all Graffiti is created equally.


We wouldn’t dream of washing that new Banksy off your wall, but for all the unwelcome ugly stuff that you might have been burdened with, we have a great solution.


A number of solutions actually, which will effectively remove the graffiti and stop the ghosting effect that can be left behind after some graffiti washing treatments.


Different surfaces absorb paint in different ways. Our experienced graffiti removal team have many years of experience dealing with the full range of graffiti ‘challenges’. Our surveyors will give you an accurate quotation based upon either a site visit, or photographs you provide.


Gum Removal


Look outside your workplace - now look down. See all those unsightly blobs on the paving?

It’s gross, but it needn’t be. It’s not easy to remove, but we have a couple of different technologies that we can employ to get that paving looking as good as new.


Perhaps it’s all around your shopfront or bar, and the local council will not remove it. That’s where we can step in to make you stand out from the crowd.


Get in touch today, and we will arrange for a free site survey and quotation. No obligation.


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Happy cleaners = Better cleaning


Unless you've been blessed with a beautiful work of art, most graffiti is an unpleasant eyesore which can really make your building look bad. We have an excellent graffiti team that can remove or repair most surfaces that have been vandalised. It's not usually possible to use mild chemicals to remove graffiti, but we do our best to minimise the impact of those that we do use.

We will soon be introducing a range of cleaning kits to give you or your cleaner everything you’ll need for the day to day cleaning of your home or office - however big or small. If you want to be kept informed and be the first to know when they're ready, click here.


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