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The London Ethical Cleaning Company is first and foremost a cleaning company - we know we have a great range of services available, but this was our first love…


Better cleaning starts with better cleaners. All of our cleaning operatives are paid well above the minimum wage, and we would encourage you wherever possible to sign up for our full London Living Wage plan. This guarantees the cleaner will be paid at or above the Living Wage Foundation’s recommended rate.


We always try to use better products too. We have a large number of green and sustainable products to choose from, and we are constantly in touch with our suppliers and industry leaders to stay on top of the latest technologies. We recognise that there are situations where only less desirable products will do the job, but we promise to keep that to a minimum to reduce both yours and our cleaners exposure to those chemicals.


Our cleaners cover all of Greater London, and are in our opinion some of the best office cleaners around. From the smallest single seat office, to multi floor office complex, we have the experience in managing a huge variety of cleaning projects.


We don’t just clean offices. We’ll give you a free quotation for any commercial premises. Shop cleaning, Restaurant cleaning, Bar cleaning, warehouse and storeroom cleaning, we’ll have you covered.


Whether you need a one off deep clean, monthly, fortnightly weekly or daily cleaning, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our prices, and we know you will love our cleaning.


Get in touch today to make your cleaning better.


The London Ethical is all about improving the quality of the service you receive by improving the pay and conditions of our workforce.


Happy cleaners = Better cleaning


Our professional cleaners are experienced in cleaning all kinds of places. We are trusted key-holders, so you can lock up when you're finished for the day and come in to a clean workspace the next.

Whether you need a good one off deep clean, daily cleaning, weekly cleaning or even full time cleaners, we will have a plan that suits you. Our cleaners are better paid than most, but we try to reduce our costs in other ways to remain competitive. We hope that you care about your cleaners as much as we do, which is why we promise to always pay them at or above the Living Wage Foundation's recommendation, not the government's lower 'living wage'

We will soon be introducing a range of cleaning kits to give you or your cleaner everything you’ll need for the day to day cleaning of your home or office - however big or small. If you want to be kept informed and be the first to know when they're ready, click here.


Keep up to date with our blog page for ethical cleaning tips and tricks - if you like you can subscribe and from time to time we will send you special offers, updates and news.