Lockdown Cleaning Tips - bringing things indoors

As you know, it is essential that during this pandemic we take cleaning seriously.

We must do all that we can to stay safe and prevent the virus from entering our houses. That will involve some changes to our usual cleaning routines that may take some getting used to but they are essential for everyone’s safety.

We hope that you are all already practicing social distancing from others when you're out and about, and minimising any contact with surfaces to help keep yourselves, and others, safe.

Wearing gloves can be useful if you only need to handle one thing, but remember, the gloves are just as effective at spreading the virus if they aren’t disposed of straight away (please dispose of your gloves responsibly - we have seen so many left on the streets).

When you get home, immediately take off any outer clothes such as coats and shoes, and try to leave them in the same spot each time to prevent any potential contamination of your home. Wash your hands and forearms immediately and remember the 20 second rule. Here’s a helpful video on how to correctly wash your hands - we’re sure you know but a little refresher is handy! Carefully remove any items from shopping bags, and if you can, put them on an empty countertop or table.

If you have a spray sanitiser, it can be used on any plastic wrappings - be careful if there are ventilation holes in the packaging (such as bread) not to get the chemical on your food. If you don’t have a spray sanitiser, use a cloth with hot soapy water - wring out the cloth and wipe down your shopping. Make sure you thoroughly wash your hands and the cloth afterwards.

Fruits and vegetables should be thoroughly washed in water as normal.

It is unlikely that the virus will survive on food packaging for long, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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