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Carpet Cleaning

A woman steam cleaning an office carpet

A few reasons to choose the London Ethical Carpet Cleaning Team

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The London Ethical Carpet Cleaning Team will assess your premises to ensure we employ the most appropriate wet or dry carpet cleaning method for your commercial carpets utilising environmentally safe cleaning solutions, most suitable for your specific carpets. We often use hot water extraction, or steam cleaning instead of shampoo or weaker steam cleaning systems which only clean the surface of your carpets. 
Effective carpet cleaning safely removes dust, dirt and stains from your carpets, eliminating allergens and other hazardous elements from your environment and providing you, your employees and clients with a cleaner and safer space.
Regular professional carpet cleaning with powerful hot water extraction, reaching the base of the carpet piles, removing deep seated dirt and stains and can greatly prolong the lifespan of carpet in high traffic areas.

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