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Living Wage Foundation Accreditation

The London Ethical Cleaning Company is proud to be accredited by the Living Wage Foundation, demonstrating our commitment to fair and ethical business practices, but what exactly is the Living Wage Foundation, and why did we choose to become involved?

Living Beyond the Minimum: The Difference Between a real Living Wage and the National Living Wage

While the government sets a National Living Wage, this is often not enough to cover the true cost of living, especially in a city like London. This is where the Living Wage Foundation comes in. They calculate the real Living Wage, an independent and higher hourly rate based on what people need to afford a decent standard of living, including necessities like housing.

Currently the London Living Wage stands at £13.15 per hour, significantly higher than the government's National Living Wage of £11.44 coming into effect in April 2024. This translates to a yearly difference of over £3,300 for a full time worker.


Our Commitment: Why We Chose to Be a Living Wage Employer

The Living Wage Foundation is a movement of businesses, organisations, and individuals advocating for fair wages that meet the real cost of living, not just the government's minimum wage. While the government's National Living Wage is a step towards better employee pay, it falls short of what many workers need to live. 

We believe our employees deserve more than just the minimum. We value their hard work and dedication, and we want to ensure they can meet their everyday needs.

We chose to become an accredited Living Wage employer to demonstrate our commitment to:

  • Supporting our employee well being - we believe everyone deserves a wage that allows them to cover essential costs and lead a decent life

  • Building a thriving and motivated workforce - fair pay fosters a positive work environment, leading to increased employee morale and productivity

  • Contributing to a fairer society - by advocating for the Living Wage, we aim to encourage businesses to take responsibility for their impact on employees and society at large

Further Information

We encourage other businesses to join us in this crucial movement toward fair wages for all. To learn more about the Living Wage Foundation and the real Living Wage rates, visit their website.

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