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Graffiti & Gum Removal

A photo of a wall, painted with graffiti

A few reasons to choose the London Ethical Graffiti & Gum Removal Team

Free Site Surveys
Retail and Commercial Premises

Shop Front Cleaning

Anti Ghosting Technology

Not all Graffiti is created equally.

We wouldn’t dream of washing that new Banksy off your wall, but for any unwelcome graffiti that you might have been burdened with, we have a number of great solutions which will effectively remove the graffiti and stop the ghosting effect that can often be left behind after some graffiti washing treatments.

Our experienced graffiti removal team have many years of experience dealing with the full range of graffiti challenges.

Look outside your workplace - now look down. See all those unsightly blobs of gum on the paving?

It’s gross, but it needn’t be there at all. 

Perhaps it’s all around your shopfront or bar and the local council will not remove it. It’s not easy to remove, but we have a couple of different technologies that we can employ to get that paving looking as good as new. 


Our surveyors will give you an accurate quote based upon either a site visit, or photographs you provide.

Get in touch today, and we will arrange for a free site survey and quote.

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