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We Are A Living Wage Employer

We at the London Ethical Cleaning Company are excited to share that we are now accredited as a Living Wage Employer with The Living Wage Foundation!

This means that we've officially committed to paying all of our employees the Real Living Wage, which is based on the cost of living in the UK. We believe this is the right thing to do and it aligns with our values of sustainability, compassionate leadership, and staff wellbeing.

Paying the Real Living Wage has many benefits for our employees and our company. It improves morale, reduces staff turnover, and ensures that we attract and keep the best talent in the industry. It also means that our staff are happier, more motivated, and better able to provide quality service to our clients.

Becoming a Real Living Wage Employer was an easy decision for us because by paying a fair wage, we're not only doing the right thing, but also making a positive impact on the cleaning industry as a whole. We're proud to be one of many businesses pushing for change and better treatment of traditionally undervalued workers.

At the London Ethical Cleaning Company, we believe that sustainability and ethical practices are essential for the future of the cleaning industry.

We're committed to leading by example and making changes that benefit everyone and hope that other companies will follow suit.


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