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Pressure Washing

A man pressure washing a pavement

A few reasons to choose the London Ethical Pressure Washing Team

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Driveways, paths and paving don’t always age well, with growths of moss, algae and ingrained dirt making them look less than welcoming. Our pressure washers can quickly restore a wide variety of surfaces, with a range of pressures to safely remove dirt and grime without causing damage.

With a number of pressure cleaning options from small portable pressure cleaning systems to truck mounted pressure washers, we can usually access any area and deal with most outdoor surfaces. We also have a DOFF system if required for cleaning and restoring a variety of specialist surfaces, including brick and masonry cleaning.

Our knowledgeable clean team can clean any volume of hard surface including small jet wash cleaning of driveways, playgrounds and paving, and large high pressure cleans such as forecourts, hard play surfaces and even car parks.

If there is a nearby water source, we can work all day without disruption but if there isn’t a source of water nearby, we have a bowser so we can bring our own water supply.


Get in touch below if you’d like to find out more about The London Ethical Cleaning Company’s range of power washing options or would like one of our surveyors to visit you for a free quote.

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