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Washroom Services

A photo of an executive bathroom

A few reasons to choose the London Ethical for your Washroom Services 

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Retail and Commercial Premises

The London Ethical have partnered with a fully licensed, leading provider in washroom hygiene services and are proud to offer exceptional collection and disposal solutions to a wide range of industries including:


Hotel and leisure facilities

Retail and commercial businesses

Restaurants, cafes and pubs

Healthcare sector

Education sector


We carry out regular and scheduled sanitary waste collections and manage sanitary disposal on your behalf, using a unique barcode system that ensures the sanitary hygiene services we provide are always carried out on time and to the highest standards. 


We can now offer a range of stylish and discreet sanitary bins to suit any washroom with proven odour control, and maintain hygiene standards by way of a hands free operation. As part of a co-ordinated washroom range we also provide Soap Dispensers, available in a variety of finishes, which can be personalised to match your business or branding, and can be supplied with your choice of foam or liquid soap.


Remember, we can supply eco-friendly washroom consumables such as FSC Certified bamboo toilet tissue, socially responsible hand soaps and recycled paper towels. Just a few small ways you could make your office more sustainable and environmentally conscious


Get in touch with us to find out how we can make your washrooms a nicer place to be.

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