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The London Ethical, in partnership with the South East’s leading provider in washroom services are proud to offer a full range of washroom services and solutions.

We have a range of stylish and discreet sanitary bins to suit any washroom. They have proven odour control, and maintain hygiene standards by way of a hands free operation.

Our partners provide exceptional collection and disposal services for feminine hygiene waste that complies with all relevant environmental standards and workplace regulations. We carry out regular and scheduled sanitary waste collections and manage sanitary disposal on your behalf. Using a unique barcode system, we ensure that the sanitary hygiene services we provide are always carried out on time and to the highest standards.

By bulk buying their services, we get preferential rates which we can then pass along to you.

We also provide an excellent range of Soap Dispensers. Available in a variety of finishes, our soap dispensers can be personalised to match your business or branding, and can be supplied with your choice of foam or liquid soap. We have some amazing soaps, so ask us about our range when you enquire.

A fresh-smelling and welcoming washroom environment makes a big difference, and with our range of air fresheners you won’t need to worry about embarrassing odours. Our air freshener system will deliver regular bursts of fresh-smelling fragrance to keep the malodorous cloud at bay and give all visitors a pleasant washroom experience.

Our air fresheners also provide flexible programming options that allow costs to be fixed whilst matching fragrance delivery and odour control to location conditions. The air freshener dispenser incorporates unique and patented features for ease of servicing and optimum performance.

Get in touch with us to find out how we can make your washrooms a nicer place to be.


The London Ethical is all about improving the quality of the service you receive by improving the pay and conditions of our workforce.


Happy cleaners = Better cleaning


There's nothing worse than a stinky, grotty washroom at work. Believe us, we've had to clean plenty.

Our professional washroom technicians will work their magic, and if used in conjunction with our award winning cleaning services, your visitors and employees can take a break in comfort.

We will soon be introducing a range of cleaning kits to give you or your cleaner everything you’ll need for the day to day cleaning of your home or office - however big or small. If you want to be kept informed and be the first to know when they're ready, click here.


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