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Waste & Recycling

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A few reasons to choose the London Ethical for Recycling and Waste Disposal

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The London Ethical Cleaning Company are pleased to be able to offer your business the full monty of green and sustainable waste disposal and recycling in partnership with First Mile, the leading sustainable waste and recycling service in London.

You’ll know that there are several main types of waste that we all generate.

General Waste is any non-recyclable waste. It might be a product made of a material not yet recyclable or from a mix of different materials that can't be separated for recycling - or simply heavily contaminated waste.

One reason why our commercial general waste service is so highly rated is that it’s collected in carbon-neutral vehicles. Another is that any business waste that can't be recycled it’s safely incinerated to produce green heat and electricity. In other words, even general waste can help your business leaving a green footprint because nothing ends up in the landfill.

Mixed Recycling is all the dry things your business throws away. That’s around 90% of rubbish for most businesses - but what you might not know is that it’s cheaper to recycle these materials than to dispose of them with general waste. And it goes without saying that it’s much better for the planet.

Drop your dry mixed recycling materials in a sack or in a dedicated mixed recycling bin. No need to sort, our high tech facility takes care of it. Yes, it's that simple: put paper, cardboard, plastic or metal in the same sack and we do the sorting. Just be sure to rinse anything grubby and to save glass or electronics for their own service.​

Food Recycling service sends its contents to make renewable energy and costs less than general waste. It also prevents contamination into your recycling bins such as paper, compostables, cans and plastic - and collections of food recycling are offered daily. When food waste goes to landfill, it decomposes under uncontrolled conditions and releases methane, which is as much as 23 times more dangerous to the planet than carbon dioxide.

So by recycling food waste, you spend less and make your business greener - what's not to like? Feed a hungry Anaerobic Digestor with your food recycling today.

If carried out effectively, paper recycling can provide savings for your business as well as help to reduce your carbon footprint - double win!

It’s also cheaper and greener to treat paper to its own sacks rather than mixing it with the rest of your recycling waste. We like to make cardboard recycling simple. So, as much as large boxes can be a surprisingly large pain, there’s no need to squash and squeeze.

Just grab a roll of our cardboard stickers and you’re ready to start recycling. Apply one sticker to a flat-packed bundle of cardboard recycling – you can secure around 10 to 15 boxes with tape or string – and we’ll do the rest.

Rather pop your high volume of cardboard waste in a bin? No problem. We offer cardboard recycling bins that can fit large pieces of cardboard. Pop yours outside your business and we’ll collect and sort it at our award-winning facility.

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